So, I’ve been gone from the Tumblr world for a while. But I’m on a new and exciting project for a new book series, Dust Magic. Here are three pieces I did for the first one. There’s going to be a lot more connected to this project. It’s going to be exciting stuff!

Busy, busy, swamped. Accept this with my apologies.

Sorry, everyone

No poster before the episode. I finished up the design and hated it. Will try again, but not tonight.


A really big “I’m sorry” to all my awesome followers for being behind on the posters. I just got back from Japan. See?


It was a last minute work thing because going to Japan for last minute work things is part of my life, now. Anyway, I’m back and will try to get back on schedule with posters. I have some sweet ideas for ‘A Town Called Mercy’ that’ll be along later. Anyway, Happy Whoving and I’ll see you soon.